Leadership Coach

Parag is the Founder & Director of DEEP ABILITY CONSULTING®.

He is passionate about Personal Leadership & Accountability, Ideation & Innovation and Personal Productivity Enhancement. He is the strong believer in Inside-Out Leadership approach. He feels one can lead the team and organization only by leading oneself first.

Parag brings with him more than 2 decades of rich and varied experience in Project & Process Management, Enhancing Client Relationships, Managing Inter-Departmental Processes & Conflicts, Getting Work Done, Trainings, Facilitation, and Mentoring & Coaching

Having tasted a successful professional career of over 16+ years in fortune 500 companies and worked globally, He felt his deep passion and pertinence in coaching young professionals, senior leaders and entrepreneurs towards pursuing their dreams and helping them realizing it.

Parag has the unique ability to connect personal, family, social & professional element in his workshops providing new dimensions to his trainings.

He brings the latest development and advances in psychology, neuroscience and behavioral science to help people tap their incredible inner potential and soar to new heights of success and fulfillment.

Parag gets regularly invited to corporate houses, academic institutions, professional associations to conduct in house training program.

His public workshops on Think In 3D – An Ideation Workshop, Relationship Blueprint, Lead With NLP, Memory Magic™, Goal Achieving Habits provides opportunity for everyone to enhance their professional & personal life to new heights.

He believes in the quote “Live The Life – Lead The Life”, don’t just live, lead it.